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Montagem de PCB do consumidor - serviço completo

A montagem do PCB do consumidor refere-se aos produtos eletrônicos que o consumidor diário usa na vida diária. Existem muitos fabricantes de eletrônicos em todo o mundo. Devido ao baixo custo na China, o fabricante é altamente concentrado na China.

Os produtos eletrônicos têm uma gama muito ampla. É referido como os produtos de áudio e vídeo que são aplicados no ambiente pessoal, familiar, de transmissão e televisão. Inclui principalmente televisão, VCD / SVCD / DVD, VCRs, câmeras de vídeo, aparelhos de rádio, Cd, etc.

However, in some developed areas, such as Europe and the United States, the telephone, private computer, home office equipment, home electronic health care equipment and automotive electronics are also included in consumer electronics. With the development of technology and products and new applications, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs and other products are also become consumer electronics products.

Since the 1990s, information appliance, which integrates computer, information and communication, and consumer electronics, has begun to deepen into family life. It has functions such as audio-visual, information processing, and two-way network communication.

The processor is composed of related supporting hardware(such as a display card, a storage medium, an IC card or a credit reading device), an embedded operating system, and an application layer software package.

Broadly speaking, information appliances include all home appliances that can exchange information through network systems, such as PCs,set-top boxes, HPC, DVD, Super VCD, wireless data communication equipment, video game equipment, smart TV boxes,WEBTV, etc. At present, audio, video and microwave ovens, etc. It will also become an information application appliance and form part of smart appliances.

In the high information industrialization, PCBA is an indispensable pillar. The electronic equipment requires high performance, high speed,thin-short, and people more and more pay attention to production automation and energy-saving design. PCBA is the most important technology for electronic equipment.

Consumer PCB Assembly

Kingford consumer electronic PCB production process:

SMT line:

1. PCB loading: The PCB is usually manually placed on the Magazine track for automatic feeding.

2. Glue dispense:Dispensing under electronic parts the purpose is to adhere to the electronic board after temperature baking,to prevent electronic parts from falling into the furnace after wave soldering.

3. Sold paste printing or glue printing(MPM) print solder paste on a circuit board through a stencil, which is a bridge connecting PCBs and electronic components.

4. Solder paste inspection:Check if the solder paste is skewing, is the amount of solder paste is sufficient, etc. If there is any problem, it will be repaired.

5. Component mounted:

  • High speed mounted machine, it is suitable for mounting small components: such as capacitors, resistors,etc., can also be mounted with IC components.
  • Universal mounted machine paste large components, profiled components or high precision components; such as QFP, BGA, SOT, SOP, PLCC, Connector, etc.)

6. Reflow soldering: After the components are mounted, by heating, the solder paste is melted, and after cooling, the PCB and the parts are welded together to achieve the specified mechanical properties and electrical properties.

7. Inspection (AOI inspection and visual inspection)

Consumer PCB Assembly SMT-PCB-production

DIP line:

1. Plug-in: Automatic plug-in machine (AI) or manually insert components into corresponding holes on the PCB.

2. Wave soldering: Wave soldering is a molten liquid solder that forms a specific shape of solder wave on the liquid surface of the solder bath by the action of the pump, and inserts the PCB placement and transmission chain of the component through a specific The angle and a certain immersion depth pass through the solder peaks to achieve solder joint welding. Mainly for DIP plug-ins, plug-ins in components, connectors are soldered.

3. Inspection (AOI, FCT testing)

Kingford adheres to the mission of saving costs for customers and controlling quality, and has won unanimous praise from customers!

Consumer PCB Assembly DIP-line-production


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