Quais são os benefícios da montagem flexível e rígida de PCB?

Postado em 30/06/2020

The different applications of flex rigid PCB assembly offer a perfect solution for packaging problems. It allows the formability of the circuits that are modifiable, thus reducing the size of the package. Unique designs with flexible circuits are possible and therefore no connection problems. Using a flexible circuit board reduces installation and repair costs and makes them more practical. Assembly costs are significantly reduced with this circuit board, as flexible circuits can be tested before assembling components. Elimination of solder and connectors also leads to cost reduction. Flexible circuits dissipate heat better than any other dielectric component and offer the added benefit of greater flexibility.

Flexible circuits simplify system design, reduce connection levels that are essential to an electronic enclosure, and eliminate the possibility of human error, as illustrations determine routing and repeatability. Flex Rigid PCB Assembly improves the internal appearance of the electronic housing. This could affect the decision of the potential user of the product. Not all flexible circuit boards available on the market are of the highest quality. However, you don’t have to worry as CCS International Circuits specializes in manufacturing electronic products for some of the best possible flexible circuit boards. All you have to do is specify your requirements and the rest will take care of it.

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Flex rigid PCB assembly advantage

O uso da placa de circuito Rigid-Flex permite que você conecte várias placas de circuito rígido usando cabos e fios que podem ser reembalados em um único circuito em vez de várias placas de circuito individuais. Os circuitos rígidos flexíveis eliminam a conexão da interface. Isso oferece maior confiabilidade. O uso de uma única placa reduz o custo de fabricação da placa de circuito. O peso da embalagem é reduzido. Os circuitos de montagem de PCB rígida flexível também oferecem melhor impedância. Ele também tem a vantagem de combinar vários bancos de dados PCB independentes em um único projeto CAD.

A fabricação da placa de circuito rígido flexível deve ser realizada de acordo com os requisitos do projeto a que se destina a utilização do circuito rígido-flexível. Os materiais necessários devem ser selecionados levando em consideração a aplicação selecionada e a tecnologia de fabricação apropriada. Deve-se ter cuidado também para garantir que as diretrizes de construção sejam implementadas corretamente. Se as etapas acima não forem seguidas cuidadosamente, o propósito para o qual o circuito flexível é feito será perdido. Portanto, você deve sempre solicitar sua placa de circuito rígido-flexível de um fabricante experiente, como CCS International Circuits. A rica experiência combinada com as habilidades técnicas adequadas da equipe da CCS International Circuits os ajuda a ficar um passo à frente na indústria de fabricação de placas de protótipo.


The history of PCB manufacturing dates back to the 1930s when Austrian engineer Paul Eisler used it as part of a radio. Flexible circuit boards are very popular these days in smaller electronic packaging.

Over the years, the PCB industry has only increased in volume as demand for smaller electronic devices has increased. Flexible circuit boards support the flexible electronic connectivity of an electronic device, such as a television, radio, music system, computer, etc.

FPC Board Classification:

There are two types of flexible circuit boards: rigid, single- or double-sided flexible. The basic material for the production of single and double-sided flexible printed circuit boards with a thickness of 50m + adhesive of 25m + Cu sheet of 35m. Rigid and flexible FPCs, as the name implies, combine the use of flexible and rigid printed circuits.

The nuances of PCB manufacturing:

The finer nuances of PCB fabrication require a series of sophisticated steps to fabricate single or multilayer PCBs. This happens through one of the following processes, namely: mechanical, chemical, electrical, or optical. However, it should be noted that the manufacturing process leads to the release of a sufficient amount of environmentally harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is always important to carry out quality control before and after the PCB manufacturing process.

Order online:

It is always wise to order both flexible circuit boards and rigid PCB Assembly circuit boards online. This is to ensure you get the best of some of the best PCB manufacturing inventories in the world. However, if you order online, you must discuss the production data, design form, price, and delivery date with the technician who received the order.

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The use of heavy copper circuit boards has become very popular in the circuit board industry. This is because it can be used in places where high performance is required, as well as in high voltage applications. There are several printed circuit boards that the manufacturer also produces for low voltage, low power consumption applications. The copper thickness of the heavy circuit board must be greater than 4 ounces. Some of the tips below should be kept in mind when designing the boards.

1. Practical design tips

Engineers attach greater importance to different parts of electronic projects, but it is also important to review the design of circuit boards. If these cards are not of high quality, the reliability and performance of these cards may be affected. To increase the reliability and durability of these boards, it is very important that they are built correctly. For heavy copper boards, it is recommended to use a double layer of copper instead of thicker copper.

2. How does resizing help with tracing?

Copper traces also have a resistance, which means that a trace can have an increase in temperature, a drop in voltage, and also a loss of power. To control the layout of the circuit board, designers use width, length, and thickness. The resistance of a metal is used for monitoring. Since it is not possible to change the physical properties of a metal, including copper, it is best to focus on size to control the trace. Buying heavy copper PCB products from the best company helps to increase the life of the product.

3. The thickness of the joints

The plates are measured in ounces of copper. 1 ounce of copper means 1 ounce of copper spanning an area of ​​1 square foot. Most manufacturers use 1 ounce. Or 2 ounces. Made of copper. It is important to know that it is quite difficult to make copper pins that are closed to each other. Therefore, it is better to use a larger track if the disk has space.

4. Design the multi-layer panels

When designing multi-layer panels, it is important to know that externally located tracks have better cooling properties than internal tracks. This is because heat must travel from the inner copper layers to the plate materials before being irradiated, powered, or bonded.

5. Loops should be made smaller

Quando se trata de projetar loops de alta frequência, é muito importante construir loops menores. Eles têm menos resistência e menos indutância. A indutância também é reduzida se os loops forem colocados em um plano de solo. Isso reduz o pico de tensão e o número de sinais e ruído.

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