Vantagens e aplicações de PCB de alumínio

Postado em 10/07/2020

Aluminum PCBs are most suitable for applications that generate excessive heat, and the heat cladding effectively dissipates heat. Most high-power circuit designs are made on aluminum PCB because they dissipate more heat than usual circuits. Aluminum PCBs are specifically designed for power converter applications, but LED application manufacturers have recently become more interested in using them because of their amazing heat dissipation capabilities.

Advantages of aluminum PCB


Aluminum PCBs provide heat dissipation function, which can save heat dissipation budget. Since aluminum is naturally extracted, unlike most PCB types, it can be recycled and cheap.

Environmental protection

Unfortunately, certain PCB types are toxic and they can adversely affect our environment. The synthetic materials used in the manufacturing process are not safe for consumers’ health. And aluminum is non-toxic and recyclable. Because it is easy to assemble, the use of aluminum also helps save energy. For printed circuit board suppliers, the use of this metal helps maintain the health of the planet.

Efficient heat dissipation

Some components will dissipate their heat radiation and may damage their manufacturing. Especially in the case of power ICs, components such as LEDs generate heat up to hundreds of degrees Celsius. This heat is sufficient to melt the components and damage the PCB. Aluminum is an effective thermal conductor, which can dissipate the heat radiation of these components and keep it cool.


Ordinary glass fiber board is easily broken under pressure. For circuits placed in harsh environments, aluminum PCBs are recommended. Aluminum has good strength, making the treatment durable and reliable.


Compared to its strength, aluminum PCB is lightweight. Since aluminum PCBs do not require or have fewer heat sinks, the total weight budget of the circuit is reduced.


Application of aluminum PCB

PCB de alumínio is suitable for applications with high heat dissipation, mechanical strength and durability requirements. The metal core PCB effectively transfers heat and manages the temperature of the circuit. Compared with glass fiber PCB, the thermal emission efficiency of aluminum PCB is nearly 10 times. This feature enables designers to optimize the overall housing size and design of various products.

  • Power supply: The power supply and regulating circuit contain power electronic equipment, and the heat dissipation rate is higher than usual.
  • Solid state relays: Solid state relays handle high power, and due to high heat dissipation, aluminum PCBs are more suitable.
  • Automotive: Aluminum PCBs are widely used in the automotive industry. Circuits installed in automotive products operate under harsh atmospheric conditions and require light weight and long-lasting strength.
  • LED lamp: Aluminum printed circuit board is widely used in LED lamp board. LEDs are sensitive components, but they generate excessive heat. If this heat is not adjusted, their performance will be severely affected and lead to early expiration.

In addition, aluminum PCB is a good reflector, which can save the cost of reflectors in low-level lightning products.

Aluminum PCB layer

Aluminum PCB manufacturing involves various steps. The reliability and durability of these PCBs are related to the manufacturing process. Ignoring fine details in the manufacturing process will seriously affect the quality of the aluminum PCB.

Aluminum PCB is composed of multiple layers:

  • Base layer: It is made of aluminum alloy and has unique functions such as strong strength and heat dissipation.
  • Insulation layer: The insulation layer contains high temperature polymer and has good viscoelasticity.
  • Circuit layer: This layer is made of copper foil and a solder mask is placed on this layer.


How to choose aluminum PCB manufacturer?

When choosing an aluminum PCB manufacturer, please consider several aspects:

Automated manufacturing plant

Aluminum PCB design procedures are limited and require special attention. Advanced automated manufacturing units produce high-quality PCBs.


Inexperienced aluminum PCB manufacturers may not be able to develop standardized PCBs. Experienced manufacturers adapt to changes and innovations over time. Before placing an order, be sure to consider your manufacturer’s product portfolio.


Your PCB must meet the specified quality standards. Uncertified manufacturers do not meet these standards and provide unreliable products.

Graded material

The unique design and materials of the aluminum PCBs are very useful and can achieve higher heat emission. Higher quality can be obtained by using high-quality materials. The use of degraded aluminum alloy or other materials will destroy the reliability and durability of the PCB.

Lead time

If you need to design, develop and deliver PCB within a limited time, then you must consider the lead time when choosing a manufacturer. Some manufacturers take longer than usual.

Minimum order quantity

Each manufacturer accepts orders with a minimum unit limit. If you are looking for a limited unit of development, then you should consider the minimum order quantity provided by the manufacturer.

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