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Rapid PCBA Proofing

PCBA rapid proofing manufacturer – one-stop service

Fast PCBA proofing is a short-term PCBA delivery method. With the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of upgrading electronic products is getting faster and faster, and the development cycle is getting shorter and shorter. Correspondingly, PCB and PCBA assembly are used as electronic carriers, and the production cycle must keep up with the development needs, so there is a requirement for rapid proofing.

Generally speaking, according to the number of components and inventory of the components on the PCBA to determine the delivery time, consumer products are generally delivered in about 2 weeks, medical industrial products are generally delivered in about 3-4 weeks, automotive products are generally in 4- Delivery around 6 weeks. Actually, the specific inventory of the components in the BOM is subject to change.

Our Rapid PCBA prototype services advantages including Fast engineering questions feedback, once projects confirmed, our engineer will start to work the BOMs, we could confirm with customers fast once any questions from BOM.

Components sourcing fast and original, Digikey, Mouser, Avnet, Future, Arrow, all of them are our quick turn PCBA prototypes components suppliers, most components we could get back to our factory within 1-2 weeks. About the PCBA samples production, we could arrange SMT production after components ready within 4 hours.


6PCBA rapid PCBA proofing advantages:

Kingford is doing the best to support customers’ requests. Nowadays, quick turn and flexible quantity PCBA production are more and more important for electronics industrial manufacturing. Thus, good quality is the soul for PCBA projects.

For all the PCBA samples production, we will do the test as the same as the mass production process; such as soldering paste thickness test, AOI inspection, X-ray inspection of BGA, functional testing, burn-ing testing and so on.

Kingford has a wide range of experienced products, such as automotive PCBA products, front panel PCBA boards, power amplifier PCBA boards, electronic water pump PCBA boards; automotive air conditioner PCBA boards, industrial PCBA products, crane controller PCBA boards, industrial robot machine PCBA boards, medical PCBA products , such as cardiac pacemaker PCBA; ICU monitor PCBA, sphygmomanometer PCBA, telecom PCBA products, network switch PCBA board, GPS PCBA board, set-top box PCBA board; consumer PCBA products, such as smart watch PCBA board, smart phone PCBA board, TV PCBA board, radio PCBA board; refrigerator PCBA board, washing machine PCBA board, microwave oven PCBA board, etc.

Kingford has ISO9001 certificate, ISO13485 certificate, TS16949 certificate.