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Imersion Gold este acum cel mai frecvent utilizat tratament de suprafață în industria PCB. Adoptă metoda de depunere chimică pentru a genera un strat gros de aur prin reacție chimică REDOX. Este una dintre metodele de depunere chimică a stratului de aur de nichel.

Immersion Gold este un strat metalic cu strat dublu, de obicei un șablon PCB de înaltă precizie cu mai multe straturi (4-46 straturi).

Grosimea unui nichel chimic este controlată în general la 4-5um, ceea ce nu numai că protejează eficient suprafața cuprului și previne migrarea cuprului, dar are și o anumită duritate și rezistență la uzură. Cu siguranță, are și o planete bună.

Generally, the thickness of the deposited gold is controlled between 0.025 and 0.1um, and it has good contact conduction performance. Due to the tight crystal structure, and strong oxidation resistance, it has a good protective effect on the nickel surface.

Immersion Gold on the surface of the printed circuit with stable color, good brightness, smooth coating, and good weldability, even if it is used for a long time, it will not have oxidation problem.

Deposit gold can not only meet the increasingly complex requirements of PCB assembly and welding, but also lower than the cost of electroplating nickel gold, at the same time, it can effectively protect the side of the wire, and prevent the bad phenomenon in the use process.

In the process of production, the cost of gold plating is relatively high. Usually, Immersion Gold will not be used. However, compared with OSP and silver plating,


Immersion Gold PCB has irreplaceable advantages:

1. High welding strength

After three times of high temperature, the solder joint of the submerged gold plate is full. Then after three times of high temperature, the solder joint of the bright OSP plate is dark, similar to the color of oxidation.

After three times of high-temperature welding, it can be seen that the solder joint of the sink gold card is full and bright, with good welding and no impact on the solder paste and flux activity, while the OSP process of the boarding card solder joint is dark and lackluster, which affects the solder paste and flux activity, easy to cause empty welding, repair increase.

2. Excellent heat dissipation performance

Gold conducts heat very well.

Good heat dissipation PCB board temperature is low, the more stable the chip work.

The submerged gold plate has good heat dissipation, and the comprehensive heat dissipation holes can be used on the Notebook board in the CPU bearing area and the BGA-type element welding base, while the OSP and the silver plate have the same heat dissipation.

Thirdly, high electrical measurement

The submerged gold plate can be measured directly before and after production and shipment. Operation technology is simple and not affected by other conditions.

Because the surface of OSP plate is organic weldable film, and the organic weldable film is non-conductive film, so it is impossible to measure directly, so it must be measured in advance of OSP, but after OSP is prone to excessive micro corrosion, resulting in poor welding.

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