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With the development of the electronic industry, driving the rapid development of all walks of life. Nowadays, the application of electronics (automotive PCB) in the automobile can be seen at any time, and it is still deepening.

PCB auto includes control, drive, safety, display, communication, entertainment, and other fields.

  • Electric control section
  • ABS
  • Automobile multimedia part
  • Electronic key

According to automobile powertrain (automotive PCB), safety, and body control system, and entertainment communication system. Another kind of classification is divided into three parts.

Automobile powertrain system belongs to the power control system. Because in the engine and other hot parts of the ordinary organic resin printed board can not meet the requirements.

The ceramic substrate used more.

Safety and body control system, all kinds of control sensors, control instruments, electronic switches.

The requirement of PCB is to maintain its high reliability in the service life and environmental conditions.

Such as 85 degrees Celsius 1000 hours of material. Or how many times of destructive tests to keep the PCB’s basic function unchanged.

So metal printed boards such as aluminum-based printed boards will be used.

Plexiglass cloth printed board is mainly used multilayer board, and automotive multilayer board mainly refers to the 4-8 layer of the multilayer board.

Entertainment communication system belongs to the comfortable function of electronic products, such as audio, television, and telephone printed board, and ordinary consumer electronic products printed board is the same but also has higher reliability requirements.

Enhance the performance of cardboard PCBD and enhance the processability is inseparable.

The processing capability includes two parts:

  • The absolute processing capability of line width, spacing and hole size in the PCB production process, that is, technical capability.
  • The process control ability to achieve the target value, such as the tolerance interval, that is, the reliable spatial ability of product processing.

In 1996, the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and associations set up a special body called the international automotive working group, or IATF, to coordinate international vehicle quality system standards.

It requires the global automobile industry to strictly implement IATF16949 international quality management system standard to ensure high stability and reliability of an automobile board from the technical level, and provide customers with high-quality automobile board.


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