PCB Prototype Assembly Service

Postat pe 06.07.2020

What does the PCB prototype assembly service include?

Assembly type

  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology).
  • Thu -hole.
  • Mixed (SMT/Through Hole).
  • Single-sided/double-sided placement.
  • Passive components as small as 0402 package (as small as 0201 and subject to design review).
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)-Check X-rays (as small as .4mm pitch)).
  • Small pitch components, pitch as small as 15 mils.

Assembly solder type

  • Lead PCB assembly.
  • Lead-free PCB assembly.
  • RoHS compliant PCB components.
  • “No-clean” process.

Assembly template type

  • Laser cut stainless steel PCB assembly template.
  • Nano coatings are available.


Why start with prototype assembly?

Some design engineers choose to go directly into production after designing and manufacturing the PCB. However, this is not wise. Many problems may arise during many stages of manufacturing, assembly and testing. This is why it is important to start with low-volume prototype assembly:

  • Cost -Prototype assembly of your first prototype allows you to find ways to reduce the cost of circuit board manufacturing and assembly. In addition, mass production of defective designs may cost a lot of wealth.
  • Identify design defects- PCB prototypes can help you discover design defects that can be corrected before production runs.
  • Proper testing-Testing ensures that the PCB design is working properly and reduces the risk of errors before production.

How to choose PCB prototype assembler?

Before starting to design a prototipului PCB , it is important to choose the right prototype assembly partner. The following are important questions for making the right choice:

  • Does the PCB assembler manufacture bare printed circuit boards internally?
  • Is all or part of the manufacturing industry a contract with a third party?
  • Does the PCB assembler have the technical experience and ability to meet your circuit board design requirements?
  • Does the assembler have the required direct and quick access to materials and components?
  • Can PCB prototype assemblers produce parts according to the specified schedule?


What information is important for PCB assembly orders?

Înainte ca un asamblor de prototipuri PCB să înceapă un nou proiect, majoritatea oamenilor au nevoie de aceste informații relevante:

  • Numărul de prototipuri necesare.
  • Fișiere PCB Gerber.
  • Detalii factura materialelor (BOM) pentru toate componentele.
  • Calendar precis pentru redarea prototipului.

Ce aduce ansamblul prototipului PCB industriei marine?

Since the technology has become a universal key to major development, the growth rate of the marine and marine industries has increased in recent years. The marine market limits every innovative electronic and design solution. All developments in the maritime sector have been and are moving towards modern concepts, in which printed circuit boards are being researched and developed. How to improve the efficiency of the equipment? How to get the best fuel efficiency? Has the dual fuel concept become a hot topic for major innovations? These are the basic issues that are believed to bring new singularities in the market.

The modern marine market showcases innovations in security equipment, telematics, anti-vibration equipment, and underwater marine machinery. The marine and marine industries have shown major concerns about protecting power resources from damage caused by climate response and global warming. With this, submarines, weather sensors, marine instruments, underwater equipment, cranes, flood detectors, galvanic isolators, fuel-efficient motors and other rugged ship applications require a proven design to design ship manufacturing.

Conectivitatea și suportul mecanic oferit de PCB-urile electrice marine constituie baza pentru înființarea tuturor mașinilor și navelor marine concentrate și eficiente. Mecanisme de navă care se bazează pe circuite imprimate pentru a controla procesele electronice de la fabricarea navelor, iahturilor, navelor și a altor ambarcațiuni. Printre acestea, PCB rigid / flex este utilizat în principal pentru a oferi soluții electronice cu module RF eficiente. În funcție de scopul utilizării, există multe tipuri de PCB electronice maritime. PCB-urile dublu strat și multi-strat sunt utilizate pentru compoziția complexă a navei. Materialele PCB de înaltă calitate sunt, de asemenea, utilizate în placa de circuit, care este foarte potrivit pentru răspunsul climatic din ocean. PCB este fundamentul diferitelor inovații marine din întreaga lume.