Как производитель печатных плат устанавливает компоненты на печатную плату?

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9  вещей, которые нужно учитывать для успешной сборки печатной платы

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монтажа на печатной плате

Survival in the hard times is always a man’s strongest effort. This article will tell us about the survival of the Производитель печатных плат in the hard and tough times for the benefit of the human. We always tried to set the electronic devices at maximum and efficient working even in the presence of pollutants or adverse conditions. The reason is that devices and machines work much faster than the human body and we can’t afford their inappropriate and unbalanced working. Here, we will discuss the PCB assembly and crucial and important methods to lead it with accuracy and much efficiency.

What is PCB Assembly?

If we are unfamiliar with the concept of PCB assembly, then it is useless to discuss the pros and cons of the methodology of the process. Keep in mind that PCB assembly is a different thing from PCB manufacturing. PCB manufacturing is the simple formation and creation of the printed boards. While PCB assembly is the placement and attachment of the components on that board.

Производитель печатных плат proposes more complex as compared to the manufacturing of PCB boards. The reason is that the functioning of the PCB board depends largely upon the symmetry of the components and the segments placed on the fabricated circuit board.

Pcb assembly manufacturing steps

PCB assembly includes four important steps. These are:

pcb assembly manufacturers

1- Paste Application

The first step in PCB assembly is the use of solder paste onto the maneuvered circuit board. a Solder is a mixture that has the particles of metal alloys. It acts as an attaching force to hold the fabricated circuit board together. A steel stencil acts as a binder before using the solder paste. The solder paste passes through the cuts and gaps of the stencil and makes the contact points settle and sit completely and permanently on the circuit board. This all is done by a solder paste printing machine.

2– Automated Component Placement

This is the second stage of the PCB assembly and is the most critical and crucial part of the assembly. Before the placement of the components, the производитель печатных плат uses a paste dispensing machine to apply dabs of the paste to the PCB board. This is applied in the areas where the components will set, to help them get attached for the long run. Now starts the most important phase. The pick and place machine lift the parts and places them onto the exposed part onto the circuit board.

As this part of the procedure is very critical and considerate, this step should be finished by hand, in which special tweezers place the segments properly on the board. The pick and place machines can accurately locate the correct positions for the components. The speed of the machines is so faster than up to 30,000 parts can be attached to the circuit board in just an hour.

3 – Application of soldering in Pcb assembly

Soldering accounts for Reflow soldering and Wave soldering. But the former is the most widely use soldering technique. When all the parts attach to the circuit board, a производитель печатных плат translocate along with transport by using a special tool called Reflow soldering machine. The PCB layers tolerate different zones having different harsh temperatures.

The function of this step is to dissolve the paste and then again solidify to the electrical contact points between the components and the particularly isolated pads. Wave soldering utilized the technique of welding the components onto the circuit board. The PCBs are preheated to avoid the stun. Then a paste wave is made up inside a tank in such a way that the underside of the sheet gets the segments welded to it by the bound wave produced in the tank.

4 – Inspection

Men always used tests and examinations to check his inventions and methodologies. Then why not check the PCB after its assembly. Testing and review are the most important part of the assembly as per производитель печатных плат. It saves the repeating of process and time too.

The automated inspection method use for this purpose. Another important test is the in-circuit test. Here, we use a stack of pins. Each fabricated board place on these pins and moved downward. Any crack or abnormality in the circuit can be predetermined and hence can be improved. A function validation test is also a very significant test that checks the best programming of the PCB to give quality and better information to the customers.

Methods For Outstanding PCB Assembly

We can improve the quality of PCB assembly by using different feasible methods.

Two of them are as follows:

1- Conformal Coating Shielding

As masking tape is a major component in the binding of segments. If we replace it with the shielding tape, then we can avoid circuit leaks. The benefit of using shielding tape is that there is no need for conformal coating spray on the unnecessary parts of the board.

2- Board Cleaning

Board cleaning removes the erosion from the different components of the board like connecting cables and soldering points. It removes the pollutants from the circuit board surface like dust particles, humidity, oil, and sweat. A производитель печатных плат repeats this process to increase the reliability and conductivity of the PCB.

Moreover, we can get the desired characteristics if we stay in contact with the manufacturers from the initial stages. Mostly, we get contacted by the manufacturers at the end of manufacturing which may result in the inappropriate and undesired properties in the сборке . Before giving the order, we should negotiate with the manufacturer and discuss the desired properties with him so that we can avoid the painful outcomes that are supposed to come at the end.

Things To Consider For Successful PCB Assembly


There are a few particular things on which a производитель печатных плат has to keep an eye for the better assembly. If we don’t pay attention to the correct methodology of assembly and there are flaws and errors in our product, we can compete in the market today. That is why we have to consider a few things seriously during the procedure. These are as follows:

  • Always try the standard and novel structures of assembly. It includes to check the heaviness of copper and to set at least three fiduciaries.
  • Do check for Production cost. Offspring assembly can help but avoid the compromise on quality.
  • Your providers are the best source to give you the best clue for the better design for PCB assembly.
  • Mark or name the components on the circuit board. This can save you from a big error during the assembly.
  • The board size should be standard and comfortable. Your product can surpass the competitors in the market if your product meets the needs of the customers.
  • Choose a standard and appropriate file format as well as a good производитель печатных плат. The file format should be easily available and the manufacturers should know the pros and cons of this file format of PCB.
  • Stay in contact with the assembly provider. If you don’t examine the quality give to your design, then you will cry over spill milk at the end.
  • You should not rely on a single supplier. You can check more than one supplier to do your task and then compare the work from all of them. It helps you choose the best one for the proficient dealing.
  • Don’t get the test for granted. The Inspection test is the main pathway that can tell us the flaw in our product. Otherwise, we will lose our customers and destroy our market value as well as credibility.
  • You can get a discount if you order in bulk amount. But don’t compromise on the quality of the product. If the final product is defective or having flaws, then there is no use of this deal.
  • You should try to inculcate maximum features and programming in your PCB assembly. The best thing that customer demands are more power and stronger transmission.