Vërtetim i shpejtë i PCBA


快速PCBA打样是一种短交期的PCBA交货方式。随着科技的飞速发展,电子产品更新换代的速度越来越快,开发周期也越来越短。相应地,PCB PCBA 组装作为电子载体,生产周期也要跟上发展需要,所以就有了快速打样的要求。

Generally speaking, according to the number of components and inventory of the components on the PCBA to determine the delivery time, consumer products are generally delivered in about 2 weeks, medical industrial products are generally delivered in about 3-4 weeks, automotive products are generally in 4- Delivery around 6 weeks. Actually, the specific inventory of the components in the BOM is subject to change.

Our Rapid PCBA prototype services advantages including Fast engineering questions feedback, once projects confirmed, our engineer will start to work the BOMs, we could confirm with customers fast once any questions from BOM.

Components sourcing fast and original, Digikey, Mouser, Avnet, Future, Arrow, all of them are our quick turn PCBA prototypes components suppliers, most components we could get back to our factory within 1-2 weeks. About the PCBA samples production, we could arrange SMT production after components ready within 4 hours.

Rapid PCBA Proofing

Kingford rapid PCBA proofing advantages:

Kingford is doing the best to support customers’ requests. Nowadays, quick turn and flexible quantity PCBA production are more and more important for electronics industrial manufacturing. Thus, good quality is the soul for PCBA projects.

For all the PCBA samples production, we will do the test as the same as the mass production process; such as soldering paste thickness test, AOI inspection, për inspection of BGA, functional testing, burn-ing testing and so on.

金峰经验丰富的产品范围广泛,如汽车PCBA产品、前面板PCBA板、功放PCBA板、电子水泵PCBA板;汽车空调PCBA板,工业PCBA产品,起重机控制器PCBA板,工业机器人机器PCBA,医疗PCBA产品,如心脏起搏器PCBA;ICU监护机PCBA、血压计PCBA、电信PCBA产品、网络交换机PCBA板、GPS PCBA板、机顶盒PCBA板;消费类PCBA产品,如智能手表PCBA板、智能手机PCBA板、电视PCBA板、收音机PCBA板;冰箱PCBA板、洗衣机PCBA板、微波炉PCBA板等。


Rapid PCBA factory


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