Порівняння ринку світлодіодних плат для побутових та комерційних користувачів

Опубліковано 06.01 2020

Розвиток промисловості друкованих плат

Вступ до ринку світлодіодних плат


До 2021 року ринок світлодіодних плат для печатних плат досягне 90 мільярдів доларів. У 2012 році загальна частка свинцевої промисловості друкованих плат була 16 доларів, а в 2014 році - близько 40 доларів. Ви бачите величезний прогрес у виробництві друкованих плат. Світ став першим свідком у 1990 році. Це було досить дороге обладнання. Більше того, він не користувався популярністю серед людей.




The rapid growth in technology made it possible for a common man to buy it. There were a lot of complexities involved in printed circuit board making. The complex and fabricated process made it difficult to produce led pcb board on a mass level.


What the main components are of led?


A commonly led consists of following parts:


  • semiconductor- it is the main source which produces light
  • cathode
  • ceramic base
  • electronic chip to direct light


There isa number of fields where leds are used. In the modern era, customized leds are also popular. To make custom led pcb, a printed circuit board manufacturer design individual leds as per market requirement.

In the beginning, domestic leds for popular, but later the demand of commercial leds compelled pcb board manufacturers to make tough end pcb boards. Whether it is a small led device, or a high power led with higher watts, without a standard printed circuit board, you cannot guarantee the life of the device.

Furthermore, handmade printed circuit boards have made the production process very slow. Simultaneously, these types of pcb boards were very delicate. The wiring was not suitable. Signal points were light. In many cases, pcb board was creating issues. The same was the case with led pcb.

With time, when new machines and equipment appeared in the market, it was easy to produce various types of printed circuit boards. Pcb manufacturers around the world started making pcb board on a huge level. Moreover, the era also shifted from one side pcb to multisidedpcb.


The contribution of pcb board developers


Pcb board manufactures improved the material and resistance power of pcb boards.  For instance, just a decade ago, there were a lot of problems electronics gadgets developers were facing. The biggest issue was to meet the criteria of the production level.

Moreover, there was a gap between quality and price fluctuation. As we all know, any electrical device depends massively on its pcb board. Without a standard printed circuit board, you cannot guarantee the life of any electronic gadget.

Since the speed of the world population was not coming to an end, the demand for electronic devices was also jumping to the highest score. In this case,handmadepcb boards were bringing a number of issues. These boardswere not supporting the design.

Now, there are decent and contemporary machine which do not involve human effort. These machines can easily adjust the volume of material and all cutting process. Moreover, the wiring is smooth and steady. Contemporary pcb delivers high resistance and life. You can see the same situation in led pcb manufacturing.

The previously led thermal model was a very ambiguous task. Its designing and production were very complicated. Pcbled board manufacturer was facing the following issues:

  • led heat transfer analysis
  • thermal management of creex lamp leds
  • led case temperature
  • led temperature coefficient
  • thermal resistance led
  • led thermal efficiency
  • led thermal model


Controlling heat is led printed circuit boards


In all pcb boards, controlling heat and providing an adequate resistance is a major part to perform. Earlier, when a machine used to execute any operation, it directly impacted the printed circuit board. Mostly, pcb boards were built on normal working design. By continuous work, to bear high temperature was almost impossible for these boards.

With the time where led pc board has increased its efficiency, other multilayer pcb board manufacturers have also improved their resistance power.


How to reduce led pcb board production cost?


For the commercial sector, led pcb sector has a bright future prospect. Since the invention of led, it is becoming very popular in every business. Moreover, its use is not limited to one point. Just look around and you will find a number of areas where led lights have captured everything.

Governments all around the world have significantly reduced the cost of major equipment. Moreover, the import duty has been reduced too.






By providing this kind of support will encourage led pcb board manufacturers to fix more budget to led pcb board research department. It is obvious without investing and giving attention to technical research departments, you cannot get the required results.  We have numerous examples around the world where leading electronic and technology departments have invested a lot of money in their research centers. The uniqueness and innovation in any technology sector are vital.


The invention of High end led pcb boards


In the beginning, lightning watts were limited. Because its led pcb board panel was not supportive. To generate more lightening it needsmorewatts. For more watt capacity, bigger and efficient led pcb board was mandatory.

Furthermore, to resist scorching heat, an improved version of pcb was crucial.For instance, if led pcb manufacturer installs more watts, low resistant pcb board couldn’t bear the pressure. So, in short, it is not about the production and installing heavy watt system. The main element is the designing and working. Without proper designing of pcb board, you cannot carry high-end execution on any led device.


Safety and reliability of led pcb boards


One of the major functions of led pcb boards is to provide enough support. Without generating extra heat, a standard led should deliver light smoothly.  The use of leds is ona massive level both in the domestic and commercial sectors. With the increasing number of demands, and equipment people are focusing on long-lasting led cooling technique’ led pcb manufacturer should focus on the smoothness and uninterruptable working of led board. Since there are countless pcb board manufacturers, users; opinion and expectations have been increased too.

Users cannot afford to buy a malfunctioned led panel. For them, a gadget should perform upto the mark. So seamless performance is crucial in led pcb manufacturing industry. Summarizing, efficiency and power to resist against heat decide the future of any led. And at the back end, a quality ledpcb board provides whole support. Without the continuous assistance of pcb board manufacturer, the success of the electronics industry will fade.


Led pcb board requirements


Tvs and fuses diodes are two basic elements help led pcb board manufacturer to develop a standard led light for commercial and domestic purpose. Moreover, there are a number of protection and regulatory standards to meet. Every country regulates instructions for led pcb board manufacturers to comply with. IEC 61000 is the global standard of testing leds. Although there is furthermore testing requirement, it is general that almost all led pcb board manufacturers follow.


Why there is a need of this step?


Оскільки індустрія світлодіодних плат перейшла на машинну роботу, стандарт світлодіодних функцій та продуктивності також був підвищений. Якщо повернутися назад лише десять років тому, то не було обов’язкового регулювання тестування світлодіодних панелей друкованих плат. З винаходом автоматичного виготовлення друкованих плат також запрошено низку законів. Тепер можна продовжувати друкувати друковані плати низького рівня. Існує процес та повноваження, які підтримують основні стандарти як для внутрішніх, так і для комерційних споживачів.

Для кожної компанії, що керує друкованими платами, важливо приділити увагу своїй лабораторії випробувань. Щоб задовольнити рекомендовану вимогу, потрібно забезпечити надійність друкованої плати. Для цього необхідна постійна підтримка та навчання інженерів.

Крім того, в нинішню епоху ви можете очолити ринок, зробивши свій продукт міцним і довговічним. Якщо у вас немає обладнаної сучасної лабораторії для тестування вашого обладнання, велика ймовірність відмови. Багато копіткої праці та інвестицій роблять продукт надійним. Але лише невелика недбалість може заглушити імідж компанії.


Запобіжні заходи щодо виробництва світлодіодної плати


Виробляючи світлодіодні панелі з друкованих плат, виробник не повинен забувати про екологічний фактор. У всьому цьому процесі попереднє проектування є обов’язковим. Одночасно попередня техніко-економічна реалізація теж буде хорошою. Оскільки, не враховуючи всіх цих моментів, готовий виріб може спричинити проблеми в практичній експлуатації.

When production is on a huge level, precautions should be higher too. Environmental factor plays a major role in device performance. So, you need to focus on the things that have good resistance capacity according to the environment. Moreover, the same protection design should not be involved in onboard led pcb manufacturing.


Global comparison of led pcb safety standard and development


In global comparison led pcb safety standards are still improving as compared to developed countries. Especially in the commercial sector where we have seen great improvement in utilizing led products. On the other hand, in developed countries, there is a huge gap. One of the biggest reasons behind the lack of research in the printed circuit board department. That is why the problem of heating, fire and shock up. Working on the points will decrease the failure level.

Similarly, there is a separate immunity testing level of led pcb boards. For commercial purposes, there are different checkpoints. And for domestic level safety rules are also distinctive. As I have mentioned above, the environmental factor is also involved in it; we need to see the user requirement also. That is why; leading pcb manufacturing companies spend huge money on research and development. Moreover, meeting with the internationally standard safety, will a robust economy.


The importance of research and development in led pcb sector


It is a prime factor before doing any business. And when it comes to a technical department like led pcbindustry the need for pre-planning and feasibility increases.  Companies around the world spend millions of dollars to test the feasibility of a business.  They observe and implement multiple strategies. Furthermore, it is the chief principle to fully read and understand customer need. On the other hand, it is also advisable to check potential customers of a certain area.

You might have observed that there is a huge price margin among different led pcbs. Why? Sometimes it depends on the consumer consumption power and mostly it depends on the quality of material and technology. Technology is the biggest factor in any field. The same is the case with pcb board manufacturers.

No matter where they are located, but better technology prevails throughout the world. We have an example of numerous led pcb board companies that have a big name in the industry. Simultaneously these companies earn massive revenue from their products. This all happens because of their strong research base. The business plan on which these companies build the whole structure.


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The role of led pcb in the growth of the commercial sector


The invention and robust development in printed circuit board technology have also affected every business. In simple words, it has become a compulsory part of every industry. Whether it is a superstore or a shopping mall, you will see and flux of multiple led installation.Moreover the growth of led pcb companies has set a very positive impact on all businesses.

From home to the workshop, people love to install quality fashionable leds. Where it has expanded business circles, it has also enhanced the cash flow of various startups.

Especially, all industries which are involved in making leds. And the integral part is the printed circuit board. We should be thankful to the pcb manufacturers who have set the way for the whole electronic business industry.


In aNutshell


Entering into the market of fluorescent bulbs was almost impossible. But with continuous penetration of leds make it possible to overwhelm the lightning industry. In the complete process, led pcb manufacturers have played a distinctive role since there is massive level energy consumption, a river of people every day buy lightning devices. Their best choice is leds. Because leds are notonly a source of cool light but also cost-effective. It is an affordable source of energy. Moreover, its consumption of electricity is less.