Невелика друкована плата

Невеликий виробник і монтаж друкованих плат - універсальне обслуговування

Процес Невелика друкована плата , яка розділена на частини в відповідно до вимог замовника. Однак загалом дошка буде розташована разом з дошкою. У той же час, маленькі дошки з декількох дощок будуть зібрані разом, щоб сформувати великий SET. Однак у загальному виробництві ми використовуємо накладку дошки, щоб сформувати великий набір. Значення накладання друкованої плати полягає в тому, що, по-перше, це зручно для подальшої пайки та виправлення друкованих плат; По-друге, накладення дошки може збільшити використання дошки, тим самим зменшуючи виробничі витрати.

The minimum board size we can make is 10mm x 10mm and the tolerance is +/-0.1mm. However, the single-piece size is not limited. pcs and pcs are usually connected by stamp holes. In the motherboard imposition, a rib connection is required between the small plate and the small plate. In order to facilitate the cutting, some small holes are opened on the rib. The hole similar to the edge of the stamp is called a stamped hole.

Because the products in each industry are different, the PCB board size of the application is also different. Some of the PCB boards in the electronics industry are relatively small. So they are often designed into an imposition method. This does not only facilitates the processing and production of the electronics factory. It can also reduce the waste of the board and reduce the cost.


What should I pay attention to in PCB imposition (small PCB )?

In general, PCB imposition can use stamp hole technology or double-sided V-groove segmentation technology. When using stamp holes, it should be noted that the edge should be evenly distributed around each imposition. Avoiding PCB due to soldering. The force is uneven and the deformation is caused. The position of the stamp hole should be close to the inside of the PCB board. To prevent the residual burrs at the stamp hole from affecting the customer’s complete assembly. When a double-sided V-shaped groove is used, the depth of the V-shaped groove should be controlled to about 1/3 (the sum of the grooves on both sides), and the groove size is required to be accurate and the depth is uniform.

Each small plate in the PCB panel must have at least three positioning holes, 3≤ aperture ≤6 mm, and no wiring or patch is allowed within 1mm of the edge positioning hole. There should be no large devices or protruding devices near the connection point between the outer frame of the panel and the inner small plate, small plate and small plate, and the space between the components and the PCB should be more than 0.5mm to ensure The cutting tool is operating normally.

small pcb

What do we need to do last?

In order to facilitate the manufacture of the board and the processing of the PCBA, the positioning holes on the board are required for the PCB imposition design. For the whole board positioning of PCB boards and the reference symbols for fine-pitch device positioning, in principle, QFPs with a pitch of less than 0.65 mm should be placed at their diagonal positions; The positioning reference symbols used for the imposition PCB sub-boards should be used in pairs and placed at the opposite corners of the positioning elements. Large components should have positioning posts or positioning holes, such as I / O interface, microphone, battery interface, micro switch, headphone interface, motor and so on.


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