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With the development of information technology and the expanding demand for industrial control PCBA. There are many kinds of products, large market demand, fierce competition, and more and more stringent requirements for PCBA.

Kingford upholds the concept of people-oriented, quality first, continuous innovation and continuous improvement of quality management, and constantly provides customers with excellent circuit board products. Your requirements are the direction of our continuous struggle. Your satisfaction is the goal we have set to achieve. Your needs are the driving force we create together.

Industrial PCBA has a wide range of products, like PLC DCS PAC CPCI/PXI embedded system integrated control; wireless communication, low-voltage frequency converter; high-voltage frequency converter; motion control; mechanical drive motor;  industrial computer; industrial flat panel; industrial PC; industrial computer; HMI, etc.

A new generation of manufacturing equipment is deployed in intelligent manufacturing systems such as production information acquisition and detection, motion control, machine vision and so on. Machine vision sensor field instrument display control instrument analysis test instrument actuator low voltage electrical appliances electrical connection cabinet power supply, we strict production management of industrial control products in accordance with customer requirements, production, and testing.

The products and technologies of industrial control industry are very special. Provide reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial computers for other industries. With the deepening of social informatization, it belongs to intermediate products. The key tasks of key industries will depend more and more on industrial computer.

Industrial Control PCBA Manufacturer

Industrial control PCBA Characteristics:

According to the characteristics and technical particularities of industrial control products, it is not difficult to find that it has a high dependence on PCBA. The demand for information and intelligence is higher than that of general computers in some places. Industrial computers are computers, but they are different from personal computers.

Industrial computer configuration is not very high, as long as it meets the needs of the project. However, the motherboard has relatively rich slots, which can be used for various expansion functions. So it is not difficult to see that in practical work, the demand for PCBA is more diverse and the quality requirement is higher.

The application of industrial control board in industrial control board can adapt to the harsh industrial application environment and has good stability and reliability. Customers can also customize motherboards, core boards, module boards, and support specific specifications such as TG180, hot-roll boards, etc.

In order to meet the production demand of high-layer and high-precision industrial control products, Kingford has mature circuit board manufacturing technology and advanced imported production equipment, such as Korea OPE punch, Germany Burkle press, Japan Mitsubishi laser drill, Germany Schmoll drill, and vacuum resin plug machine; meanwhile, it has mastered the advanced production of the industry.

Product production process and process control technology, as well as highly specialized product production technology development team, has a long-term strategic partner of Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola, a world high-quality high-frequency materials manufacturer. The product covers 1-36 layers, multi-layer board, thick copper circuit board, high-frequency microwave, and other special PCB boards, which can meet all demands for our customer.

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