Chi phí lắp ráp PCB là bao nhiêu

Đăng vào 2020-07-06

Chi phí xử lý PCBA được tính như thế nào? cái này giá bao nhiêu?

Tính toán lắp ráp PCB and processing prices has basically unified quotation rules in the industry. Mainly includes circuit board manufacturing costs, component procurement costs, assembly costs, engineering costs, testing costs and subsequent logistics customs clearance service costs, etc. PCB board manufacturing costs, flying probe testing, PCB engineering costs will be included in the circuit board manufacturing costs in. When purchasing components, due to disk loading such as resistors and capacitors and SMT chip losses, it is necessary to cover about 5% of the material loss rise; SMT chip assembly costs include SMT and DIP post welding, etc., depending on the circuit board welding Points and process methods are separately accounted; for small batches of PCBA, engineering fees are generally levied, including the cost of process documents, steel mesh, SMT line replacement, etc.; PCBA test costs also need to be included, based on the test of each PCBA board Time to calculate; in terms of packaging logistics, special packaging materials and three anti-paints need to calculate the cost, in addition, according to the customer’s transaction terms such as FOB, additional costs such as customs logistics need to be calculated.

Typical 2016 PCB assembly processing price calculation method formula:

PCBA processing cost = PCB board cost + PCB test fee + PCB engineering fee (for small batches) + component procurement cost (partially floating 5%) + SMT/DIP welding fee + PCBA testing fee + assembly engineering fee (for small batches) +Special packaging and logistics costs (if customer needs)


How to control the cost of PCB assembly?

PCB assembly cost, how to get the best PCB assembly quotation, here are some tips to guide you on how to control the PCB assembly price.

  • Assembly type surface mount (SMT) (SMD component) through-hole (DIP) hybrid (both).
  • Component placement requires only the top-level component to request Doulbe double-sided assembly.
  •  Total number of components (SMD + DIP).
  • Component packaging (reel priority), reel, tubing, tray, cutting strip with or without lead tape, loose packaging bag.
  • The required process SMT chip through hole is automatically inserted into the through hole sliding line wave soldering automatic optical inspection (AOI)< br> X-ray selective solder manual solder assembly.
  • Quantity and batch size. “Keep Panelize flexible to meet the needs of your manufacturer.” You need to make sure that panelization is optimized for the needs of PCB assembly manufacturers.
  •  Preparation requirements for special parts (ie lead length, minimum/maximum height, spacing).
  •  The total cost of the complete bill of materials (BOM).
  • Number of bare board (PCB) layers and materials used. The cost of flexible PCB components is higher than that of rigid PCB boards.
  • Coating requirements (medical or military usually require full coating or selective coating) number of sprayed or brushed coatings-coating area specified by coating tolerance.
  • Potting requirements (if any).
  • Assembly compliance requirements RoHS (lead-free) and non-RoHS (lead-containing) IPC-A-610D I, II or III ITAR.
  • Test requirements (RayMing prefers to test all PCBA boards before shipment, we hope you can tell us how to test) Power-on functional circuit test (ICT) No test for cycling (visual inspection only).
  • Non-standard/special containers for standard ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags required for transportation.
  • Delivery (RayMing provides fast turning PCB assembly service).


How to reduce the scrap rate of PCB assembly?

The above 16 tips will affect the PCB assembly price, so you can choose the best one to save costs, when you purchase parts, you can provide multiple component sources for each component, it is easy to control some costs, some agents There is also a strong price support for a component, which reduces cost sources more quickly.

Tuy nhiên, quy trình sản xuất PCB rất phức tạp, và việc kiểm soát hợp lý quy trình sản xuất PCB sẽ kiểm soát hiệu quả chi phí sản xuất PCB. Kingford có một bộ phận PMC hoàn hảo, và quản lý và kiểm soát nguyên vật liệu, lập lịch trình, lập kế hoạch sản xuất, giao hàng và các liên kết khác được thực hiện theo thứ tự. Ngoài ra, việc sử dụng hợp lý thủy điện là rất quan trọng. Các nhà máy PCB thường được điều khiển bằng bán tự động hóa. Điện năng tiêu thụ của máy và nhiệt độ và độ ẩm không đổi trong xưởng SMT sản xuất hàng ngày rất nhiều. Điều quan trọng nữa là giảm tỷ lệ phế phẩm của quá trình lắp ráp PCB.

Tỷ lệ phế phẩm của quá trình lắp ráp PCB có thể được giảm thiểu từ các khía cạnh sau:

  • Nâng cao ý thức làm chủ của tất cả nhân viên, và coi trọng chất lượng lắp ráp PCB.
  • Second, the quality department is scientific and strictly controls the PCB quality.
  • Employee performance is directly linked to the PCBA qualification rate.
  • Fourth, senior management should be familiar with the whole process of PCBA and have strong management capabilities.

The sustainable development of the PCBA factory is inseparable from the sincere cooperation of all members. Kingford has witnessed the company’s cohesion and quality awareness for more than 20 years of development. Customers are welcome to contact us.