Lắp ráp PCB theo lô nhỏ

Lắp ráp PCB theo lô nhỏ - Dịch vụ một cửa

Định là “lắp ráp PCB đa dạng, lô nhỏ và lô vừa, thời gian giao hàng ngắn”, được sử dụng rộng rãi trong các lĩnh vực công nghệ cao như truyền thông, máy tính, điều khiển công nghiệp, ô tô và quân sự.

Tập trung vào việc tạo mẫu và các đơn hàng hỗn hợp và số lượng vừa. Kingford cung cấp PCBAcho các sản phẩm điện tử cho khách hàng trong các lĩnh vực công nghệ cao; chẳng hạn như kiểm soát công nghiệp, an ninh, thiết bị đo đạc, quân sự, thiết bị, y tế, ô tô, v.v.

Kingford OEM PCBA manufacturing services including PCB fabrication and layout, components sourcing, SMT assembly; Through-hole components assembly; testing (AOI inspection, X-ray inspection, Functional testing, ICT testing, Burn-in testing ); turnkey assembly(box build), package and delivery.

Meanwhile, Kingford has a strong engineer team to back up; most of them with over 8 years in the electronic manufacturing fields.

If you need a small batch of boards; there are customization requirements for component packaging, component specifications, assembly techniques or density levels. You can contact kingford as a reliable OEM PCB manufacturer. And we can provide the small batch PCB assembly service you need at your budget.

Our equipment is fully equipped for low-volume PCB assembly because we have multiple assembly lines that make it easy to modify product requirements and assembly line specifications in a short amount of time. First-class technical capabilities provide extremely fast prototyping and small-batch delivery.

And meanwhile, Kingsford factory is also focusing on the lead production too for inside improve and also helping customers cost down.


Kingsford Small-batch features:

1. Small-batch, multi-variety SMT lean production in quality control and large-scale production is not much different, just because of frequency. There are a lot of online adjustments and exception handling processes every day.

In the small-batch, multi-variety production state, the operator is not only will be simple work in feeding and feeding but also skilled in parameter adjustment, machine abnormal processing and other skills. and in the high-volume production state, the main work of the operator is only for simple operations such as feeding. Starting from production and quality control.

Operators with comprehensive skills, carefulness and a strong sense of responsibility should be arranged to carry out small batches and multi-variety production. The smaller the batch, the more complicated Products, the higher the dependence on the operator, so it is necessary to strengthen the training, there are a corresponding incentive and responsibility system to improve the operator’s professional skills.

2. Emphasize that quality is produced rather than tested, and process quality management is used to ensure final quality. During the production process Quality inspection and control are carried out in every process. Focus on cultivating the quality awareness of each employee to ensure timely quality problems.

If quality problems are found during the production process, depending on the situation, production can be stopped immediately until the problem is solved, so that it cannot be guaranteed.

Invalid processing of non-conforming products. For the quality problems that arise, it is generally organized by relevant technical and production personnel as a Small Group, work together and resolve as soon as possible.

Small Batch PCB Assembly

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