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Do kích thước dài nên các PCB dài hầu hết được sử dụng trong các sản phẩm chiếu sáng, đó là đèn LED. Bảng mạch PCB thường được sử dụng LED là bảng nhôm và bảng mạch sợi thủy tinh FR-4. Điểm khác biệt là bảng LED nhôm sử dụng vật liệu làm từ nhôm, dẫn nhiệt tốt hơn nhiều so với FR4 thông thường.

Do nền nhôm có khả năng tản nhiệt tốt và phù hợp với yêu cầu của nhiều thiết bị điện công suất lớn. Vì vậy, hầu hết chất nền nhôm được sử dụng trong sản xuất đèn LED chiếu sáng.

FR-4 fiberglass circuit boards are traditional boards for electronics, which is widely used in communication, automobile, medical, security, etc. Due to its good insulation, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, multi-layer printing, and other characteristics.

The quality of LED aluminum sheets depends mainly on the type of material, hardness, surface, and thickness of the aluminum. In addition, select the appropriate model based on the calorific value of the product.

Aluminum LED PCB from China

What is a high power LED aluminum substrate (long PCB)?

High-power LED aluminum substrate is a kind of metal circuit board material. It composed of copper foil, a thermal insulation layer, and a metal substrate. Its structure is divided into three layers:

– circuit layer, copper foil thickness 1oz to 10oz
– Insulation layer, the insulation layer is a layer of low thermal resistance thermal insulation material
– Base course: it is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or optionally copper. Aluminum-based copper-clad plate and traditional epoxy glass cloth laminate, etc.

It is common to form a printed circuit that requires etching of a circuit layer (i.e., copper foil) such that connect components. Generally, the circuit layer needs to have a large current carrying capacity, so a thick copper foil should be used, and the thickness is usually 35 ms to 280 ms.

The thermal insulation layer is the core technology of aluminum substrate, which is generally composed of special polymers filled with special ceramics, with small thermal resistance, good viscoelasticity, heat aging resistance, and can withstand mechanical and thermal stress.


Is there any benefit to this?

It is precisely by using this technology that the thermal insulation layer of the high-performance aluminum substrate has extremely excellent thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation performance.

The metal base is the support member of the aluminum substrate, which requires high thermal conductivity. Generally, it is an aluminum plate, but the copper plate can also be used (copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for drilling, punching, cutting and other conventional mechanical processing. PCB material has incomparable advantages compared with other materials. Suitable for SMT surface mount of the power element. Without the radiator, reduced volume, the heat dissipation effect is excellent, good insulation and mechanical performance.

Currently, the size of single-sided FR-4 and aluminum substrate in the market is basically 1200mm, and the maximum size we can make is 1500mm.

Generally, v-cut dividing boards are mostly used for the LED aluminum substrate. V-cut refers to the printed circuit board manufacturers according to the customer’s drawings requirements, in advance with a rotary cutter in a specific position of PCB cutting line, the purpose is to facilitate the subsequent SMT circuit board assembly after the completion of the board, because the cut appearance looks like an English V shape, so named.

Need to design a V-cut on the board. Because of the circuit board itself has a certain strength and hardness. If you want to pure hand to pull open or break off the broken PCB is unlikely. Even if you are a strong man can pull off. Finally will also be broken circuit board of the above parts. So you need to have the class in advance in advance to make it easier to Cut V – Cut lines operators will become a single original makeup cutting smoothly. This is the scoreboard.

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